J.M.Engineering & Service Co. Ltd.


    Policy :

    J.M Engineering&Service Co., Ltd. Committed to maintaining standards of quality satisfies

    cient and attending to every details of their construction require and specification.

    Integral to the company's long-term commitment of supervisor service is it strict

    compliance to premium quality, construction schedule, reasonable price quotations

    and construction safely, Safety is a J.M Engineering&Service Co., Ltd. first priority.

    Strict safety rules, regulations and measure are implemented to ensure that work on

    the construction site and yard are not interrupted by injury. Safety gears for staff

    and workers are provided route line inspections of tools, equipment's, machinery and

    vehicles are regularly held for optimum safety assurance.



   Established: Since September 2013 in1,000,000 THB


    Business Focus:

    1) Mechanical Work, Steel Structure Work, Piping Fabrication and Installation Work

    2) Plant erection, maintenance work, overhaul and retrofitting including civil work

    support to engineering service and providing specialist for onsite maintenance and

    repair for operating plant and equipment in Power Plant, Refinery Plant, Petrochemical

    Plant and General Industries. 3) Piping Material &Special Material Supply

    4) Engineering Detail Design (Piping & Civil Work)

    5) Piping Material &Special Material Supply

    6) Machining Work (Late, Milling, CNC Late, CNC Milling, Jig & Figure, Mold & Die)

    7) Skill Manpower Supply

    8) Electrical & Instrument


    **We also supply manpower as field of Engineer, Welding, Piping, Mechanical,

    QA/QC Inspector, Structure, Piping &Mechanical Foreman, Pipe Fitter, Welder,

    Skill Helper, Painter and Scaffolding Worker.


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